CPT Codes

Important Instructions For General Ultrasounds

Gallbladder Nothing to eat or drink for 6-hours prior to test.
Abdominal Nothing to eat or drink for 6-hours prior to test.
Pelvic Drink at least six 8 oz. Glasses of water 1- hour prior.
Liver Nothing to eat or drink from midnight to test.
Kidney Nothing to eat or drink for 6-hours prior to test.




76536 Thyroid Ultrasound
76700 Abdominal Ultrasound
76770 Renal (Kidney) Ultrasound
76856 Pelvic Ultrasound
76870 Testicular/Prostate Ultrasound
76940 Liver Ultrasound

Pediatric Echo

All three numbers must be present (bundled) for billing purposes.
93303 Pediatric Echocardiogram2-D, M- Mode
93320 Color Flow
93325 Doppler

Adult Echo

93306 Adult Echocardiogram 2-D, M-mode, Color Flow, Doppler

Vascular Imageing

93880 Carotid Imaging
93925 Arterial Imaging- both extremities
93926 Arterial Imaging- one extremity
93930 Upper Arterial Imaging- both extremities
93931 Upper Arterial Imaging- one extremity
93970 Venous Imaging- both extremities
93971 Venous Imaging- one extremity
If you have specific billing questions or any denied claims, please call Ilyne in our billing office.
Larry King Foundation providing free Echocardiograms via Cardiac Medical Services mobile services.
Cardiac Medical Services together with COPE Health Solutions and the Larry King Foundation is providing free Echocardigrams for uninsured patients in Los Angeles.
CMS is servicing a 40-mile radius from our office in Burbank with 5 vehicles, machines and sonographers.

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